AHA Arts

Making art the center of education

The Arts and Humanities Academy curriculum is designed to inspire greater levels of academic achievement by linking student interest and talent in the arts to all aspects of their educational experience. By tapping into their strengths as artists, teachers lead students to improve their overall skills in reading, writing, science and math. AHA is particularly concerned about bridging the achievement gap by capably serving students who consistently under perform.

The culture of AHA is one in which everyone embraces the pursuit of personal growth, development and excellence as a student, as an artist, as an individual, and as a member of a community. In a small school community, it is possible to approach learning as a collective — we work collaboratively within an environment where the arts are the vehicle for creative and analytical thinking.

Our students develop into members of society with the skills to write and think with their minds, create with their hands, express with their bodies, act and speak from their hearts, and inspire others to do the same.


Course Offerings

Visual: Photography Drawing Performing: Spoken Word Dance Theater AHA Advanced Drawing & Painting Dance Adv. Theater Projects Adv. Ceramics Adv. Photography AHA AP Studio Art (H) AP Art History (H)


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