From wedging the clay to the magical finished piece.


Ceramics is one of the oldest art forms in human civilization. Cultures have been defined by their pottery discovered in a myriad of places. By joining a ceramics class at Berkeley High School you will get the opportunity to hand build, sculpt and learn to throw in a professional level studio.

Students of ceramics get a change to explore color, form and develop a personal style with the clay.

If you have never seen or experienced the magic of working with clay and transforming it into beautiful vessel or an amazing sculpture full of life- come and see what amazing skills you can learn in Ceramics.


Course Descriptions BEGINNING CERAMICS

Beginning Ceramics is an introduction to the basic techniques of using clay.  You will learn how to handbuild (pinch, coil, slab) and use the Potter’s Wheel to make both sculpture and pottery.  You will become experienced in learning about different types of clay, colored clays, glazes, and underglazes. In the second semester, there is more of a focus on concept, composition using the Elements and Principles of Design,  and Ceramic Art History.


Advanced Ceramics is an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Ceramics through experimentation of more complex building and surface design techniques.  Many of the projects can be interpreted in both sculpture and pottery. There is a variety of topics to help you develop a diverse body of work and expand your skills.  In addition to experimentation, there is an emphasis craftsmanship, the Principles of Design, and developing a personal style. You will put together a Portfolio that includes Artwork and in-process thinking.