Course Map

This course map is meant as a possible way for students and parents to understand the myriad of courses that a student could take in their schedule if the course is available and offered in their elective periods. Students do not just have to focus on one discipline, but can take a variety of classes throughout their four years of study at Berkeley High- but the Art Dept. faculty believe that taking multiple classes is the best way to begin the process of mastery in any discipline. Come join us!

Course Pathways

All students at Berkeley High School have access to introductory art classes and advanced classes. Certain classes are only offered if you are a 10-12 grade member of a specific learning community . For example AHA students have specific classes that are only available to AHA students such as AHA Creative Arts. CAS students have access to CAS Computer Arts, and Video Production. The CAS classes are accessible to non- CAS students who are in other programs- but if a class is designated by small school the teacher and students are part of a smaller learning community.